Different Types of Fertilizer Granule Making Lines

Fertilizer granulation lines are designed to produce granulated fertilizers by converting fertilizer raw materials into granules of specific sizes and compositions. There are several types of fertilizer granulation lines, each using different methods and equipment. Here are some common types:

Compound Fertilizer Production Line:

Compound fertilizer production lines create granulated fertilizers containing multiple nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
They typically use a combination of granulation methods, including drum granulation, disc granulation, and sometimes extrusion granulation line.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line:

Organic fertilizer production lines focus on converting organic materials into granulated fertilizers.
These lines often involve processes like composting, fermentation, and granulation using equipment like pan granulators or rotary drum granulation machine.

NPK Fertilizer Production Line:

NPK fertilizer production lines specifically produce granulated fertilizers with a balanced ratio of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K).
They combine different sources of N, P, and K through various granulation methods to achieve the desired NPK ratio.

Urea Granulation Line:

Urea granulation lines produce granulated urea fertilizers, which are a common nitrogen fertilizer source.
The process often involves prilling (droplet formation) or granulation through rotary drum technology. Click here to learn more.

Commercial compound fertilizer granulating machine for sale
Rotary drum granulating machine for making compound fertilizer

Ammonium Nitrate Production Line:

Ammonium nitrate production lines create granulated ammonium nitrate fertilizers, which are rich in nitrogen.
Granulation methods can include prilling or drum granulation.

Single Super Phosphate (SSP) Production Line:

SSP production lines focus on producing granulated single super phosphate fertilizers, which contain phosphorus.
The process often involves granulation through drum granulation.

Biofertilizer Production Line:

Biofertilizer production lines produce granulated biofertilizers derived from beneficial microorganisms.
The process may involve fermentation, mixing with carriers, and granulation using specific equipment.

Potash Production Line:

Potash production lines create granulated fertilizers rich in potassium, often using potassium chloride (MOP) or potassium sulfate (SOP).
The granulation process can vary based on the specific potash source.

Each type of fertilizer granulation line has its unique production processes, equipment, and considerations. The choice of granulation line depends on the type of fertilizer you intend to produce, the raw materials available, the desired granule characteristics, and the scale of production. If you are interested in them, you can visit https://fertilizerequipmentmanufacturer.com/fertilizer-granulation-line/ to know more.